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Keeping It Basic

The first tip for football at junior level and also amateur seniors is to make it enjoyable!

Once you’ve lost the enjoyment or the urge, football will become a chore.

All other matters of techniques, strategies and drills are insignificant if this one component – enjoyment – is missing.

It is up to the club and the coach to build an enjoyable environment that is friendly, inviting, encouraging and supportive for the team and all participants.

So, good luck and have fun!

Here is a very simple training drill to try when a player needs help kicking, hitting a target or just for a confidence boost.

Have players A and B stand inside a circle (or square) each and kick the ball to each other in turn. The ball must land inside the opposite circle 5 times before the distance of the kick can be increased.

This simple kicking drill will teach the players to hit a standing target. They will then gain confidence with a certain distance before challenging themselves to go longer.