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Whether you are a coach of a team of athletes at any level, or a leader of a business team, you must get to know the different personalities of your charges. You must respect the individual.

It is a risky situation to assume that everyone in a group will perform and respond in the same way to any situation.

Some people will need a lot of motivation and it is your job to provide it.
Others will be fairly self motivated and just need a little encouragement.

Some will need to be given clear and precise direction.
Others will do better with less detail.

Some are loud and outgoing and work well in a similar environment.
Others are quiet and shy and won’t respond well to confrontation.

Some are positive.
Others are negative and need you to be positive.

If you work out the personality types of each person under your charge and how you can best direct, motivate and teach them, then you will achieve the response and performance you want and need from all your individual team members.

Good luck!