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Moving The Goal Posts

31.07.2010 | Posted in Commentary by Michael Malthouse | 10 comments

So the AFL is considering capping the number of interchange rotations.... I say this would be like the George W Bush, Weapons of Mass Destruction - "We will find and destroy." Nothing was found after 6 years of engagement. So therefore, why do the goal posts keep moving if in the end the score is the same?

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A Coach Under Pressure

24.07.2010 | Posted in Commentary by Michael Malthouse | 3 comments

The coaching industry is never without controversy. The power of the media and new technology allows scrutiny to be instant, and because football floods the media it is always a talking point. We as AFL coaches know that the “buck stops with us”, however we are also aware that “ victory has a thousand fathers and defeat is an orphan.” By that definition the coach is immediately looked at after a loss - and we accept that.

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08.07.2010 | Posted in Commentary by Michael Malthouse | 7 comments

I have several framed photos in my office, many of them are of family, but there is only one of a football team. The photo that sits on my desk is not a premiership team, it is not necessarily a team of champions, but it is a team that I am proud of and inspired by.

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