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Grand Final Replay

28.09.2010 | Posted in Commentary by Guest | 34 comments

So brides across the country are upset that a Grand Final replay may interrupt their big day… Understandable. But what about our big day – and by ‘our’ I mean football supporters? The people left with an unfathomable taste in their mouth last Saturday; the fans enduring the longest half time break in AFL history; the supporters who need (a wonderful American term) ‘closure’??? This Saturday is our big day too and boy do we need a result!

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16.09.2010 | Posted in Commentary by Michael Malthouse | 9 comments

September is a big month in AFL football. It’s finals time of course, and the chance to play off in a Grand Final – the ultimate endeavor for every club. However it’s also a time of reflection and high emotion as clubs and players part ways, for various reasons.

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10.09.2010 | Posted in Commentary by Michael Malthouse | 42 comments

Hi everyone, welcome to our website – I say ‘our’ because it is the work of my family as well as myself.

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